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At the beginning of the development of what is known today as SEO, the results obtained were limited. They took into account the use of keywords implicit in a content. However, as time went by and techniques were perfected, SEO links were also gaining strength.

To perform the search and evaluation of a website, it is not enough just to analyze the content. From this point, part of the need and importance given to SEO tools. The PageRank algorithm came to revolutionize absolutely everything. It consists of using the links between pages and websites as a ranking factor. Let’s see the importance of a good vinculum in terms of SEO.

What is an SEO link and what factors determine its importance?

When the Google search engine crawls a certain website, it also pays attention to the links that appear and “follows” them. Thus entering the page to which they refer. In this page there are also vinculum that lead to other sites and thus a chain of analysis is left. The links, in a way, work like votes. The more links you have distributed, the more likely you are to come out first.

There are several factors that must be considered to determine the value of a vinculum. Many professionals disagree on aspects that may or may not influence this. Here are the main points to consider:

Relevance: a link directed from a page with similar or related content to yours has a great value. While one sent from an unrelated site is of less importance for SEO positioning.

Authority: the page where your link is located can be linked to, for example, 100 or 10 others. In the first case your vinculum will get a better rating.

Trust: if you receive an inbound vinculum from a website that Google trusts, it will provide more value than any other. These sites that contribute to your SEO are some government institutions, universities, etc.

Classification of the link according to its destination

Links for SEO can be found visible as images, texts or buttons. They are classified by destination. Internal links are those that are received from your own website. They are linked to other articles on the same domain and are therefore considered internal vinculum. If you have more than one domain on your website, then these vinculum are considered by search engines as external links.

Inbound vinculum are vinculum that you receive from other websites or from a domain name completely different from yours. Outbound vinculum are the ones that your website contains and refer users to websites with a domain name different from yours.

Importance of inbound links in terms of SEO

Of the four types of links that exist, inbound vinculum are the most beneficial for SEO, but they are also the most difficult to get. When a website vinculum to yours, it seeks to enhance or expand its own content with the information that supports the link. However, this also indicates that your page provides value. That’s why Google takes this into account when evaluating your site’s authority.

Of course, a large number of referral vinculum from a certain page is not enough. The quality of these vinculum is also taken into account in the SEO analysis. A broken link or a link that does not lead anywhere can be a reason for penalization.

How to make outbound links look natural?

Over the years, the way to use outbound links has also been improved. Here are some recommendations to improve their effectiveness:

Avoid having too many outbound links: You should strike a balance between the information you publish and the number of links that appear on your site. If you have more vinculum than content, the effect will be unnatural and will not make a good impression on users.

Don’t nofollow outbound links all the time: Good quality sites tend to vinculum to good quality sites: It is important to both give and receive vinculum. This will set a certain standard about your site.


Most common areas where you will find an internal link

The way you structure the links inside your website is also an aspect to consider.

Normal website navigation
Often internal links are placed in common and easily accessible places. It can be in the top bar menu, the sidebar menu or the footer of the page. This is mostly based on the design and structure of the site, the way in which you categorize and vinculum the developed topics.

Related pages
In this section you refer, by means of a vinculum, to other sites linked to the topic developed by the same. This benefits users because it tells them where they can find more information about the content they are researching.

A sitemap contains the vinculum link structure of your page. It is the reference that search engine crawlers use to identify which websites are related to a topic. It is the space in which they establish which vinculum are prioritized through an indexing process.

Links within content.
Depending on the website, vinculum can be found contained within the text. The word or phrase to which they vinculum is known as anchor text.

Importance of a good link in terms of SEO.

In a convincing and effective SEO strategy, internal and external vinculum are critical. Although this process takes time and dedication, you will see that the results obtained will be worth it. The traffic to your site will increase at the same time that you will improve your natural positioning.

That is why it is important that you perform an SEO audit of your website. You must know how to differentiate between the types of links, their value and how to manage them to improve your platform. You can collaborate with the media, which will also benefit your positioning by increasing user traffic to your site. For all this process you can use SEO tools or hire an SEO consultant or SEO agency.

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