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The concept of growth hacking is widely dominated in the marketing world. It is a set of techniques that companies develop to showcase their products and gain success.

A really important strategy for new agencies, known by the term startups. In them, the growth of a product is prioritized, leaving its budget in second place. Important social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Spotify and others use growth hacking techniques.

In this article you will learn how to become one more in this marketing world. As well as, the main tools and techniques used to achieve success.

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How to become a growth hacking specialist?

Professionals in this type of marketing are called growth hackers. If you want to become one of them, you will have to know that it is a profession where you will have to be constantly improving yourself. Otherwise, you will not achieve the growth of the company where you work.

Below, you will be able to study useful tips to enter this world.

  • ✅ The study of marketing principles begins.

This discipline is an indisputable part of the great universe of ideas that is marketing. Therefore, to become a growth hacker you must also be a marketer.

Don’t downplay the importance of basic marketing principles. It may be that many things you do are based on such approaches. It will be difficult for you to know and understand a discipline without knowing the discipline that gave rise to it.

  • ✅ Read everything related to growth hacking terms.

To be an excellent growth hacker, you will need to be very dedicated and considerably curious. The more you know about the subject, the more strategies you will come up with to improve your results. Remember that this is a world that is constantly changing.

One of the qualities your bosses will admire most is the power of knowledge in all kinds of fields. Keep in mind that even if you don’t aspire to be a designer, a programmer, or a sales genius, you’ll need to know a little bit about everything.

  • Look for an instructor who is a growth hacking specialist.

Don’t understand some terms? You understand them, but you don’t know how to apply them? Don’t know which technique will be most effective for you? Don’t worry, that’s what a mentor or mentors are for.

The road to success will become extremely easy for you with a mentor. He or she will help you with the obstacles that might get in your way. But remember, it’s not enough just to know a lot of theory. Secure the guidance of a professional who has already succeeded in the world of growth hacking.

  • Focus your mind on a specific area and try to master it.

This type of marketing usually causes fear in some trainees. This is because it is a very broad discipline. The most effective way you will find to become an expert is to divide growth hacking into sections and choose one.

  • Learn from analytics.

One of the characteristics of growth hackers is that they are professionals who apply a lot of analytics. This does not mean that you have to be glued to the numbers. But, you should take the data very seriously and act accordingly.

Analyzing statistics will give you an idea of what works and what does not. Therefore, it will be an influence to elaborate your next strategy and follow your next steps.

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What growth hacking tools should I know?

In the world of growth hacking there is a common factor. This is based on always looking for the perfect strategy to achieve success. To do this, you should not only rely on creativity, marketing or analytics, but the tools you use are also important.

In the following lines you will find some growth hacking tools.

✅ Web Scraping

It will be very useful to extract information from websites in a simple way. Especially, inquiries and data that interest you about the company you work for.

growth hacking

✅ Semrush

With this tool you will be able to analyze the information of your website and that of your competitors and thus be able to detect errors.

growth hacking

✅ Sistrix

It is a research tool, especially to control keywords and know where to position them.

growth hacking

✅ Hootsuite

It is the best known for managing all social networks. It is a simple way to control comments, schedule publications and control advertising campaigns, among other options.

growth hacking


Are you wondering what seo is? Well, it is a simple and fundamental tool in this branch of marketing. It is the way to position search engines to improve the visual image of websites.

SEO positioning depends on several factors. Some of them you will not be able to control, such as the behavior of the users that visit the page. While others, such as the quality of the content, the seo tools that will be used and the seo strategy, depend entirely on you.

If you want to learn more about this tool you can visit the free SEO course. In it you will learn the basic elements you need to use this resource correctly. For example, you will learn the advantages of using wordpress seo for your website, as well as how to calculate the success of your SEO operations.

Growth hacking techniques: Which are the best?

Currently, there are many techniques that you may not know that have their origin in growth hacking. Below, you will learn the main characteristics of 3 of them.

✔ Freemium model

This technique is one of the best known today. Its strategy is based on the company offering a free version of a product, but with certain limitations. These restrictions can only be solved with payments or subscriptions to the platform.

Social networks that you surely know such as Spotify, Dropbox, Linkedin, Ahrefs, among others, work by applying this model. If you ignore this technique, you will not get the expected results, unless you are part of a super-recognized company.

✔ Exclusive invitations.

Would you like your product to be exclusive and only accessible through invitations? Well, that is precisely what this technique is all about.

By this method your product will be created and offered to a certain number of people. They will have the option to invite 5 friends, and this will be the only way to try the product.

You will surely be familiar with this strategy from the Inbox or Ello platforms. There, users have to request an invitation from the administrator or ask a friend who is already using it. This creates interest in the product, making it more exclusive.

✔ Gamification

Another trendy technique in the world of growth hacking. This method consists of generating small games within the products offered. With this, the company gets users to perform the actions it wants.

A classic example is the question bar that appears on platforms such as Linkedin or Facebook. These social networks aim to collect as much data as possible from users. Therefore, if you don’t complete your profile data the gamification method incentivizes you to do so.

But you can’t fail to know that the undisputed protagonist of this technique is Dropbox. Its initiative that the user performs all kinds of actions for extra megabytes of storage has been a success. This has contributed to the fact that with minimal advertising it has become one of the most successful startups today.

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