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If you are interested in making money online, affiliate marketing will surely make you curious. Many bloggers and content creators on the web have monetized with this successful method.

Surely you are wondering how to get started in digital marketing? Here we can help you. Let’s follow step by step what you need to do to start affiliate marketing, a good plan will be the basis for your earnings.

What is affiliate marketing?

We will explain it quickly to lay the foundations of our guide. Within the types of marketing this is the one that allows you to earn money online.That is, you promote products, services and websites and you charge for it.

How is it possible, I have never studied economics or advertising, you just need a little knowledge of the above to succeed in content marketing. And I just gave you one of the main concepts: content.

Would you buy something suggested by someone you don’t know? Someone you don’t identify with? Clearly not. That’s why it’s essential to generate publications with attractive topics for your audience. That way you gain their trust.

But as we were saying, you are not only promoting the purchase of a product or the contracting of a service. You can encourage the user to register, obtain an e-mail address or fill in a form. The important thing is to make sure that whoever hires you gets what they need from your followers.

And how do you monetize? Well, you will have two ways to charge your commission depending on the affiliate program. The first is by charging a percentage of each sale. The second is through a fixed fee for each person who buys from the customer through your link.

That user who buys or performs the action requested by your affiliate program (using the link you provided) is called a conversion. Don’t worry, it is easily recognizable how many came through you. It is enough that your links have a unique code or work as a unique coupon.

With what you have read so far, you will surely recognize that many of those you follow belong to this marketing club. Now we can move on to the guide for you to start earning.

affiliate marketing

Steps to get started in affiliate marketing

Once you have seen what affiliate marketing is all you need to know is how to get started. Following this step-by-step strategy will guarantee you a piece of the affiliate program pie.

✔ Choose the right target and platform.

You won’t have strategic marketing let alone any income if you don’t define the right platform and target audience. If you are the content creator you must select a topic that is comfortable and has a market of users.

You are going to have a lot of competition, since you will find millions of blogs on all kinds of topics. That is why it is advisable to be specific. For example, you select the topic of food, including spicy food, and even more deeply, Tabasco sauce.

Positioning yourself only requires two factors: interested public and quality content. Once you have the above, all you need is the platform where to deploy your marketing and advertising. Any social network is suitable, as long as you find your followers.

A good suggestion could be YouTube, as many users prefer video content! If we follow the example marketing plan, videos demonstrating the use of Tabasco sauce would be unique. Interested people would search for it.

Do not lose sight of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as with them you can organically reach many followers. Do not forget to have a personal blog where you can enrich the content of your other platforms.

✔ Join affiliate programs.

Now that you’ve reached that audience, all that’s left for you to do is join the available affiliate programs. The development of online marketing means that there is no shortage of options for affiliation.

Here the selection is oriented to your experience and the scope of your content. You will have two characteristic elements in these plans: payment volume and number of interested parties. For example, in Amazon and video game sales many people buy, but commissions are usually in single digits.

Higher earnings and with a wide audience are achieved in credit card sales. But of course, this type of affiliate program sponsors only the most experienced people. On the other hand, the sale of software licenses generates large profits, but with few followers.

✔ Improve your content.

Whether you focus on video marketing or social media marketing your content must stand out. When we mean stand out it doesn’t just mean optimizing your search engine rankings (SEO techniques).

The important thing is that what you generate has a personal touch and solves the problem of whoever consumes it. You could take easy avenues like Amazon’s best sellers, but what ensures that your follower is really looking for that?

Make it as natural as possible, answer the questions you would ask yourself before buying something. If the user feels pressured or overly interested in your sale, it will never generate a conversion. Try the product or service yourself is a good idea.

affiliate marketing

✔ Drive traffic and get clicks on affiliate links.

This is always your goal and if they increase their levels so will your earnings. Here we will give you three ideas to take off the volume of effective traffic and clicks on your affiliate links.

The first is to get paid traffic, which will quickly improve your indicators. Be careful, traffic does not ensure sales and clicks, so you could end up spending before you start generating.

The next two methods are more organic and progressive. One of them is SEO optimization (you can do it yourself or hire the service). With this more users will see your content when they do related searches. The other is feedback with readers or followers.

The latter is not difficult to achieve if you dedicate some time to it regularly. Post every new content you publish, create a mailing list and let them know when you publish something new. If you cater differently to your users they will always value your buying suggestions.

✔ Generate sales from visits.

At this point the important thing is that you inform yourself well on how much you can generate and how to achieve your part without complications. Get documented and look for an online marketing course so that you know effective methods to increase the conversion rate.

Arrange your links, make them look like a must-have suggestion within your content. Make the links eye-catching, add a suggestive button. Use the affiliate payment publications to find the most suitable program to start with.

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